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I am new to Genesis but I'm using the GoZ to take it into ZBrush to make a morph and then send it back to Studio again. It asks me if I want to make a morph and it loads fine but I need to now save the morph and make a morph injection so the morph can be injected into the model when needed. Is this possible? Can anyone point me to a tutorial for this if it is?


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    You would then go to save as and then scroll all the way down to the list of save as and there is one at the end called support asset. Click on that and choose the option DSF Morph file. It will save in My Library - Data - Daz 3D - Genesis - Base - Morphs - Author Name - and then inside would be your morph data. Once you are done. You can close and reopen Daz and the morph would be in the parameters or shaping tab (i forget which) as a slider. Make sure you only select your morph when saving. Or you might accidentally be saving another artists morphs along with yours and that could cause problems.

    However you can dial up your morph with the new slider you made and then go to Save as Character DSF file and it should save in My Library - People - Genesis - Characters - Name Your Folder (usually author name) then inside is your folder for the particular character.

    If you are going to share or sell you'll need to have both the data folders and the character folder for it to work. Plus you will also need to open your morph file (the one in the data folder structure) in a text editor and scroll through and change the name of the group for your morph that you see in the parameters because it will show up as/under Morph Loader Pro Morphs or Hex or so on depending on which way your brought the morph into Daz 4 with your author name;. Your actual morph name will stay the same. You're just changing the name of the group/section of where the slider is found.

    In the text editor look for 'group' and after that you should see the morph group name (the name you find your morph under in the paremeters/shaping tab (still can't remember which) and replace it with your author name. Don't delete any of the hashe's and etc. Just replace the morph group name. The resave. If you are uncomfortable I'd make a copy of the original and save it somewhere so if things don't work out the first time you can delete your edited copy and replace it with the original and do it again.

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    Thank you very much for your detailed help. It is much appreciated.

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