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The tabs on product pages ...
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Do we really have to have tabs for the Description, Additional Information and What’s Included & Features parts of the product pages? Couldn’t there at least be an option to have all parts just simply displayed one after another as previously?

I really hate sites that make me go through tabs to read all the things on a page, and generally stop using them. The old layout, where you could tick remembered preferences to just always expand all sections, was ideal for me - i could just scroll down to read all the info i wanted, where simply scrolling up/down doesn’t cause me too much pain. Having to stear the pointer round between tabs to click on and scrolling too causes me a lot more pain and discomfort.

This has been a really depressing 12 months for me, with site after site I’ve used for years - often over a decade - going to new versions where ‘new’ means losing directness and simplicity, and replacing that with jazzy complications that simply make them more complex and fiddly to use, at the cost of considerable more pain for me. I have enough permanent pain anyway, without putting up with getting more of it from the browsing I’m doing trying to take my mind off pain, not reap more. Some of the changes to the DAZ site are even worse than the ones at the TV schedule site I used for 12 years previously but have now abandoned after their ‘upgraded’ new site last December.

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I’m not too fussed on the tabs either, but if they can’t change that, what about being able to select the tab that has the most relevant info to you so it comes up first?  Wonder if that would be doable?


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