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Animation Help Topics and Tutorial Links
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Animation Links

Thanks to DAZ_ann0314 for putting this information together.

Daz Studio Animation Tutorials
The Timeline Tab in DAZ Studio
    The DAZ Studio Timeline Explained
    Ebook - 120 pages on animation in DAZ Studio by swiss3Dmain - (French Version) and (English Version)
    Animation with Poses using DAZ Studio by Gary_P
    Animating Falling Snow
    Puppeteer Video Tutorials by Cliff Bowman
    DAZ 3D Puppeteer Animation Video
    Walk Cycle using Puppeteer
Animation Techniques for Beginners: Part One***
Animation Techniques for Beginners: Part Two***

aniMate Tutorials
    GoFigure Videos and Manuals
    aniMate Tutorial by DAZ 3D

Animator Tutorials
    Bouncing Ball

Daz Studio Animation Scripts
    Casual’s Fantastic Scripts

General Animation (not specifically for DAZ Studio)

Putting together your movie
    Introduction to Making Movies by Jaegercat

Walk Cycle
    Walking in Pictures
    Project #4 Walk Cycle
    The Walk and the Whip
    Run Cycle
    Run Cycle using curves (graph editor)

    ASIFA - Hollywood Animation Archive
    Animation Backgrounds
    The 11 Second Club
    Pigeon Impossible

Motion Capture Bvh files

Reference Images
    BioMotionLab 1.8
    Interesting High-speed Video Clips

    Audio/Music Software links compiled by Mikedazfan
    Royalty-Free Music by Kevin Macleod
    Free and legal music downloads
    Sound Effects Archive

General Animation Principles, Tips and Tutorials
    Advanced Animation by Preston Blair (Part 1)
    Advanced Animation by Preston Blair (Part 2)
    12 Principles of Animation
    Victor Navone’s Splinophilia (Graph Editor)
    Shaun Freeman
    Keith Lango Tutorials
    Nine Old Men
    Animation Tricks
    Idleworm: Animation Tutorials (2d)
Animation Notes***

Animation Workflow
    Pixar - How We Do It
    Justin: Shrek III Puss in Boots
    A’sCAP: “Animomania”

Supporting Products for Animation

DAZ 3D Animation Products
    GoFigure! - Vendor for aniMate and aniMate+
    Movie Maker by Dreamlight
    Poser Format Exporter (Free)
    Tutorial for Poser Format Exporter by mattymanx
    Animator Plugin
    Mimic Lite
    Mimic Pro

Animated Poses available from DAZ 3D
    SimonWM - vendor
    The Forge Studios - vendor
    Nerd3D - vendor
    Cliff Bowman - vendor
    Also look for animated poses in other sets, such as The Ultimate Bee Collection and Songbird ReMix Pose Pack

Books on Animation
    The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation by Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas (a beautifully illustrated book showing how Disney did it
    The Human Figure in Motion by Eadweard Muybridge (photographic reference)
    Animals in Motion by Eadweard Muybridge
    The Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams

*I want to thank the Community Volunteers Group who made this and all the other Tutorial Lists for this new forum as well as all those who have donated their time to creating tutorials for the benefit of the community (there would be nothing to list without all of you)....Thanks for your hard work and dedication to making these lists possible!*

**If you know of any tutorials you feel would be an asset to this list, please contact me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with the subject line: DAZ3D Tutorial List Addition. Be sure to let me know which list(s) and what part of the list you feel the tutorials would best fit and we will review them for inclusion.

*** LIST UPDATED 03/23/2010 ***


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