smart content stops working

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my daz studio after a bit my smart content stops working not sure why

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    There's a help page on Troubleshooting the Smart Content Pane. It has helped me in the past when I have run into Smart Content issues.

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    my smart content has stopped working:down: as well...I tried EVERYTHING! :roll: And nothing works! Help!:ohh:

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    Check and see if your CMS is still running

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    The common cause of the Smart content to fail after it had been working is a error in the CMS Database. The only fix I know of is to delete the Database file and then Re-Import your MetaData which will create a new Database.

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    1) If you have custom categories and haven't exported user data recently, do that first, so you can restore the categories that are still working.
    2) Close DS and uninstall CMS.
    3) Reinstall CMS by running the installer in C:\Program Files (x86)\DAZ 3D\DAZ3DIM1\cms (if you have DIM installed) or by reinstalling DS. That will give you the latest CMS, which will reduce the chances of the problem recurring.
    4) Search for the file ContentDB.ind -- if you let CMS install to the default locations it will probably be in Program Files (x86) or ProgramData. I would search your entire hard drive with "Hidden and System Files" visible, in case you have more than one set of databases, which could also cause problems. That file is the index for the database.
    5) Stop CMS and delete ContentDB.ind, then start CMS and launch DS. Let DS rebuild the index -- it might take a minute or two.
    6) Scan for new content and categorize it.
    7) Close and restart DS, and see if the categorized items are staying. If they are, you should be good to go.
    8) If newly-categorized items are still disappearing, close DS, stop CMS, and delete all the files in the databases folder. Restart CMS, launch DS, and re-import metadata to get your user data back. It can take a long time, so don't panic if it seems to be taking a long time and the progress bar isn't moving.

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    thank you everyone

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    CMS stop randomly since last day! (Never had problem before)

    Vista Ultimate - all updates

    Problem start after reboot by "Windows updates" (Microsoft NET updates)

    Manually restart the services the only result was always crash again!

    I delete manually CSM and uninstall the DIM

    Re download and install DIM (the CMS is include with DIM)
    All goes back to normal!

    wait and see if the problem comes again.

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