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There is something I don't understand. I create a camera. Then I save a scene. I change the camera by mistake (easy to do if you don't switch to perspective view. So I reload the saved scene, but the camera has changed. I reload a scene that I saved 3 saves ago, and the camera has still changed. Does saving the scene not save the camera? If so, how do I save the camera settings with the scene? Thanks
It appears that the animation is not saved in a scene also. I guess I have a lot to learn.

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    a Szene save saves everything

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    Yeah, you would think that, but does not seem to be happening. Maybe it because I am using 4.6 beta

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    I am using and unless I Lock the camera it loses DoF settings (enabled/disabled and F/stop) and I seem to recall that the scene retained render size/ratio too, but that, also, is not saved.

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