Old posts gone?

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I've just come back to these forums and I can't find any record of my old posts. They might be in there somewhere but if I click on my name it says I have made 0 posts which I know to be incorrect. Using Advanced Search, I can't find any records of them either. I'm trying to find information from some of my old discussions and I can't find it.

Are older posts gone? Did data get lost or something from user accounts? I've searched around but I can't find my old posts.


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    It was announced, way back at the beginning of the year that Daz3D was moving the entire Store and forums over to a completely new store and forum.

    IT was also mentioned then that this would mean that everyone would start again in the new forums with a zero post count, although all other records would be carried over.

    Old forums are archived, in a read only format.


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    When The forums switched over to the new site all post counts where not carried over. some of us looked at the old archived site and added our old post count to our Sig line

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    Thanks for the quick replies. I've gone to the forum archive. When I do a search I get the attached. And when I try to log in I get something about a GET something or other. So I have no idea how I can find my old posts.

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    I was searching for a link in an old thread. But after much trawling of my memory and a lot of online searching, I've found what I wanted now anyway. I'll just write off those old posts as lost.

    Thanks for the help all.

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    It is archived in read only format. so you would need to remember where you posted and search manually.

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    Do a Google search on "site:forum.daz3d.com" + whatever topic is of interest. Click on the link. It will fail. Change the URL in your browser from "forum" to "forumarchive" and it will take you there. That's the workaround.

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