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Unable to log into the store or may account.

swordkensiaswordkensia Posts: 288
edited December 1969 in The Commons


I have just tried to log into the store and my account but even though I enter the correct details nothing happens, though the login works for the forum.?????

Is anyone else encountering this problem.???

Any help or advcie would be much appreciated..

After over a month this stuff is getting VERY tiring DAZ...

I was actually going to make a purchase, my 1st since May, and the 'NEW' store and Site 'upgrade'...thinking everything was now



  • RCDescheneRCDeschene Posts: 2,517
    edited July 2012

    Yeah, I'm getting this too now... :ohh:

    Either something's being updated or something just destabilized. Let's pray it's not the latter. ._.

    Post edited by RCDeschene on
  • ErdehelErdehel Posts: 339
    edited December 1969

    Same here :roll:

  • jcrabbjcrabb Posts: 27
    edited December 1969

    Same here...can log into the forums ... but not the store ... think I'll go to bed ... sorta the same thing as rebooting I guess =-)

  • swordkensiaswordkensia Posts: 288
    edited December 1969

    Well at least I am not alone.!!!..



  • RCDescheneRCDeschene Posts: 2,517
    edited December 1969

    Okay, I think it stopped now. I'm logging in just fine again.

  • swordkensiaswordkensia Posts: 288
    edited December 1969

    Yep I'm In.!!!,

    Now to purchase M5 and the ethnicity morphs, whilst they are on sale..

    Lets hope that all goes okay..wish me luck.


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