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I am curious. is there any way to MATCH animation to a Video. I am interested in make a UFO video with video shot around my home town then put a UFO flying around in it.

I have heard about CAMERA DATA but I am sure the video camera will be using wont have any such thing


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    WOW guy thanks! That Blender TUT was amazing.

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    Hi Richard :)

    Carrara supports syntheyes (syncar) format tracking data.
    You load the film/video into syntheyes, it analyses it and calculates the position of the camera and creates a set of tracking points.

    Carrara loads that file and creates a camera so you can then add 3d objects into that film/video
    There are also other alternative "Camera tracking" software available,.. like Voodoo (free) or PFHoe which needs a plugin converter to convert it's output to syncar.

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    I wonder if I can use BLENDERS Camera data IN carrara? I really like that Blender Camera Tracker demo!

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