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I have Bryce installed on a seperate partition. It is on D:\Program Files (x86)\DAZ 3D\Bryce7
I am pretty full on my Drive C and need it on a seperate drive (partition).
When I go into Install Manager nothing is loading - none of my Master Series such as The Block even simple things like widgets, or other Bryce related files.

Can someone please advise me where to the correct path under settingsin Install Manager. This also happens alot with Daz Studio. I may just have a simple directory issue but is older content for Bryce, Carrara or D|S not going to work with the new Install Manager? It is in my Install Manager directory and yes I purchased everything from Daz so I am at a lost and want to work in Bryce and other programs without directory errors or no installs.


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    Click the gear icon in the upper right of DIM and click on the Applications tab. Click the + sign in the lower left to add:
    Bryce 7 Pro 32-bit D:\Program Files (x86)\DAZ 3D\Bryce7
    Now DIM should be able to install Bryce items. If Bryce still isn't seeing them, restart DIM using "Run As Administrator", uninstall the Bryce items, and then reinstall them.

    For Carrara you need to do the same, make sure the path to the application is in the Applications tab.

    For DS, make sure the path you are installing content to in DIM is listed in DS in Edit > Preferences > Content Library > Content Directory Manager as both "DAZ Studio Formats" and "Poser Formats".

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    Nice PDF here which tells you where your Bryce content should be

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