Mouse pointer disappearing

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It only happens in Daz and not consistently. Sometimes when I am working in Daz my mouse pointer simply disappears. If I move the mouse away from Daz (for example to my other monitor) it reappears. It is also present if I hit control r and render, as long as my mouse is over what is rendering and not over any part of the Daz UI.

Has anyone else had this happen and do you know a fix for it?


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    Do you have a graphics tablet attached to your computer? I think I remember reading somewhere a while back that this could cause the mouse pointer disappearing.

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    No I don't. The only stuff I have attached to my computer besides the obvious is an external hard drive.

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    I have had a similar problem - it seems to occur when I am moving sliders in the parameters window, particularly those that have huge numbers e.g.moving an actor across a big room by mousing.

    My solution is to click on the number above the slider and type a numeric value instead of mousing in big sweeps. This does not work for everything, some products are just funky and some seem to be designed for Poser so perhaps they work perfect in it but not so well in DAZ Studio.

    Another workround I use sometimes is to find an object already roughly where I want to move my actor or prop to, then parent the new actor to that object. Now I can go to the parameters and option(Alt)-click on all of the values that are different and presto, the new object and the original are in the same spot, then it is only a small move to unparent the actor and fine tune my new actor's position instead of great sweeps of mousing that can make the pointer disappear.

    Make sure you save your stuff often, it's really the only way to deal with this type of fault: luckily you can still save your work without the mouse and restart DAZ and everything should be back to normal.

    This might be a bug but I'm not sure what in, could be the OS, could be DS, could be the connection between the two.
    I just hope it is fixed in the next update.

    Hope this helps you.

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    This problem has been happening for a long time. A bug report was written in the old Mantis system, but we no longer have any visibility into that system. The problem is intermittent, so hard to track down, I guess.

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