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Hi: I was just wondering if i download a morph or other content from a website how do i get it into daz studio 4? stuff like clothes and hair and body morphs. Any help would be great ,thanks in advance for any help.


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    What format does the content come in?

    If it is a ZIP file, you should first of all extract it to an empty folder to see what the content contains. If there is a My Library (and you are using Windows), simply drop that onto your My Library folder in documents which should already be listed as a Poser and DAZ Studio formats folder.

    All of the content for DS4 goes into My Library by default, but if your content installer is trying to create a folder called 'Content' don't allow that. My Library is the new name for the Content folder, and you don;t want a content folder inside My Library.

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    Jaderail made a helpful thread with regards to your question on the old forums. titled "Installing ZIP Files for DS3 & DS4 Tutorial"

    To look at the attached images in that old archived forum thread please refer below.

    Extracted from adam’s helpful page about images not showing on the old archived forums

    adamr001 said:
    I am redoing the listing of my tutorials and freebies index from the old site. These links will still point to the old site even though images are not (yet) viewable there. If you need to view a specific image (and you likely will) you'll need to change the
    to read
    and then past that new URL in a new window/tab of your browser (obviously substituting the appropriate image name).
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