MAC OS 10.9?

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Does anyone know of any issues with Carrara pro operating on the new MQC OS 10.9 or Maverick?


  • evilproducerevilproducer Posts: 8,560
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    Here's my suggestion:

    Either set up a partition on your HD or add another HD to your system and install the OS on that so that you have a boot-able drive and use that as your test bed for Carrara and other mission critical applications. If it works as expected, then maybe update your main HDs' OS, but make sure you have a backup. I like Carbon Copy Cloner if it still works for these later OS versions because it's free or donationware, as I recall, and it can make a boot-able copy of your disk.

  • RealtimeRealtime Posts: 92
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    I've updated and haven't seen any issues so far

  • That Other PersonaThat Other Persona Posts: 381
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    So far so good for me, too.

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