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ECLARK1849's Clothing for Poser figures

eclark1849eclark1849 Posts: 198
edited December 1969 in Freebies

New for Poser 10's Roxie figure is Roxie's Bodysuit! Comes with 1 conforming Bodysuit, 1 pair of conforming gloves and 1 pair of conforming boots. Has 22 mat zones so you can customize the bodysuit however you wish. Also has preselected mat zones for quick customizing.

You can download at my freestuff page in Renderosity's Freestuff or now, on Sharecg at:

772 x 740 - 198K


  • launoklaunok Posts: 472
    edited October 2013

    Thank you for sharing this lovely bodysuit(s) and extras! :)

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  • eclark1849eclark1849 Posts: 198
    edited December 1969

    Okay, technically, these aren't clothes, but they're still for the Poser 10 Roxie figure, and her Bodysuit, so sue me. Here are 20 heroic poses for Roxie. Available at Renderosity soon or now at Sharecg:

    772 x 740 - 148K
  • eclark1849eclark1849 Posts: 198
    edited December 1969

    This is one that's already been released before in Renderosity's Freestuff, but thought I'd upload a copy to Share CG for those who don't go to Rendo or didn't know it was there.


    This is a conforming item for the Poser 10 Roxie figure. Because of the way it is constructed, you must make Roxie's legs and feet invisible. Special instructions on how to do that are included with the Read Me file. Also you must pose the mermaid tail separately from the Roxie figure. Special pose sets are included to help you.

    500 x 479 - 66K
  • eclark1849eclark1849 Posts: 198
    edited December 1969

    Oops, I did it again.
    I played with your heart, got lost in the game.
    Oh baby, baby..

    Oh there you are! Sorry I was just... well never mind.
    I just finished my latest freebie, a bodysuit for Rex. Just uploaded it to Sharecg at:

    I think you guys will like this. It comes with separate gloves and boots and 16 mat zones.
    I will also be posting this up on Rendo's Freestuff you if you don't like Sharecg, you can get it at Rendo. Enjoy!

    772 x 740 - 192K
  • eclark1849eclark1849 Posts: 198
    edited December 1969

    Just posted to the Rendo's Freestuff. Item #71. and to Sharecg.com

    Rex's Superhero Poses for use with the Poser 10 Rex figure. 20 poses with Rex flying, fighting or just standing around looking superhero cool! Rendo will take a few hours or you can download now at:

    772 x 740 - 169K
  • eclark1849eclark1849 Posts: 198
    edited December 1969

    Just uploaded to both Sharecg and Rendo's Freestuff, Katie's Sweaterdress for P7 Kate. Comes with 1 conforming dress, and 1 dynamic version of the dress for use in Poser's Cloth Room. Also includes a pair of conforming tights and 1 pair of conforming shoes.


    772 x 740 - 236K
  • eclark1849eclark1849 Posts: 198
    edited December 1969

    Here's the latest freebie for Roxie, a qipao or Cheongsam dress. There are two versions of this dress included, one short and one long. Both are dynamic and have four textures. A conforming pair of heels is included with two textures, one black and one red. Already uploaded to ShareCg. Renderosity Freestuff verysoon.


    764 x 848 - 230K
    764 x 848 - 203K
    764 x 848 - 184K
    764 x 848 - 225K
  • eclark1849eclark1849 Posts: 198
    edited December 2013

    Well, I've already posted this a while back to Renderosity's Frestuff, but thought I'd add it to my Freestuff offerings at ShareCG. It's a dynamic cloth Nightgown for P7 Kate for use in Poser's Cloth Room.

    772 x 740 - 400K
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