Where is the "accessories" option (and other useful things)?

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Seems every time I come here to look for something, there's some option that I'm used to that is no longer there, making it even harder to search for things, this time it's the "accessories" option on a product (can't remember the specific name). Basically, for example, I could click on V3 and there would be a link in the page that I could click on and see all the related props, hair, clothes, etc that only pertained to V3.

My current search was for the Eastern Dragon. The 'search' option is completely useless, I type in 'eastern dragon' and get 550 items... except the dragon. I tried a search for 'eastern dragon textures' (which is what I was looking for) and get something around 2200 items... I didn't bother looking through them.

To be honest, the entire site is just so counter-intuitive. If I click on vehicles (again, for example), there is no option to see 'on-sale' items only. And don't tell me to just sort by price because some sale items are still more expensive than non-sale items. It defeats the whole purpose of wanting to see what's on sale.

If I wanted to look at hair, I used to be able to select PC items only or exclude those items, yet another useful item because sometimes the sales affect certain items differently and I would like to filter out the PC items because they aren't apart of the promotion that brought me here to begin with.

DAZ, I'm really losing faith here, I know I'm not the only one that's been bugged by this. Trying to find something on this site now has become more of a chore than an experience, I shouldn't have to cringe when I know I need to search for something because I know I'll have to sit there for hours trying to get to that one specific item that I want/need... and that's if it still exists, I've noticed you have also been removing items, stop doing that, I can't buy something that's not there.

I don't see the reason for the whole site redesign to begin with, the previous redesign was just fine, I guess if it's not broke, fix it until it is?


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