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So I finally picked up the 4Arms product since it is currently on sale. However, I'm wondering if I will actually be able to use it, due to texture issues. The one included texture set doesn't work for me, since it has far too maleish a look and I am intending this for a female figure. I've tried copying the like-named Skin surfaces from the parent Genesis figure to the 4Arms figure, and this only sort of works. For one, the Arms only support a single UV mapping, which appears to be mostly compatible with V4 UVs. V5 and Hitomi UVs are completely out. But even V4 UVs have problems in the SkinArm surface (the torso, forearms, hands and fingernails seem to work OK). There ends up being a band between the arm and the torso that shows up, and it's quite a large band at that -- VERY noticeable. With the Genesis Basic Female textures, it's a white band. With, for example, some of the skins from Silver (her Devon skin is one of my most-used skins on Genesis) you can see the copyright text in the texture file getting mapped onto the arm near where it joins the torso.

Has anyone made a female-suited texture for the 4Arms product? Or have any suggestions for how to fix existing textures to fill in this problem area? I'm not terribly worried about v5 and Hitomi UVs not working. But as it currently stands, the 4Arms product is unworkable for me, which is a shame.


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    The 4 Arms set is a unique figure, as such it will have its own mapping and would need textures specifically made for it. There really is no way to use existing texture sets with 100% perfection on a figure they were not designed for.

    But that said, Etujedi did an amazing job to get the set to match up very close to the V4 UV maps. The 4 arms have and arm and torso material zone which you can line up with v4's arms and torso, and you will have a very minimal seam.
    It will not match up with other UV's, that UV swapping technology is something that is currently only available on Genesis.

    I do have a new set of textures coming for the 4 arm set, but it is character specific. I tried to make the character gender neutral, but in the end it doesnt make the character overly feminine or masculine.


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    Rawart is correct. Since it is a stand alone figure, it will require seperate textures. now most of the uvs match with v4, so all but the attached area will work. Texture artist would not need to do too much to support it. In the end it has to be up to them though.

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    I think the OP has missed that the BAND they describe is the Torso Texture that must also be added in the Surfaces Tab. They work pretty well if the V4 textures are added to both material zones. If you just load a V4 texture with the Arms selected the texture only applies to the Arms. You should open the Surfaces Tab and add the Torso texture from the same V4 texture to the Diffuse Map of the other part of the arms.

    Hope that helps.

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    Sorry, but that's not it. I was also copying the torso texture, and even explicitly mentioned this in my original post. The band is part of the SkinArm surface where it joins to the torso.

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    Sorry I did not catch that. I stand corrected.

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