V4 Wild West Needs update NO Files under the PZ2 files

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Hey everyone
I do believe that V4 Wild West needs another update the version I have is 5776_WestWildV4_v1.1_dpc.exe---Which is the latest version and yep reset downloads to recheck and its same version-the problem is this -It is not finding the obj's files I use wordpad to open up the files and and they are showing empty-here is the pic of what I am getting on ALL of the files-So please update this item.

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    The pz2 is a pose - it isn't the figure file for loading the clothing which are the CR2 files in the Character library folder. They may well be blank as there is, by the look of it, only one set of textures - possible they are companion files to make the DS materials work in the pose library, if there are .ds? files in there too.

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    sry had to do some RL stuff to get back to this-these are the only files that installed only know these files are empty with no info in them-and the item can't find the obj's I have to manually search for them-I also installed these in different folder Before putting them in the correct folder to see what I get-I have also redownloaded reinstalled and still it keeps looking for the obj's. soooo I have no idea what the problem is except the information needed aren't in the files.

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    ok after looking further in the files in the CR2 files the RD needs to be removed from the files, so I have fixed the problem Thanks for your help tho it had me to look under the CR2 files also.

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