What morph package do I need to buy for Stephanie 5 Pro?

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I scored the Stephanie 5 Pro bundle with my PC Anniv reward. I've noticed a serious lack of morphs in the Parameters tab with Stephanie selected. Things like breasts and nipples, etc.

What do I need to buy?


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    Steph 5 is a morph of Genesis and should therefore give you all the genesis morphs you have installed.
    If you don't have any Genesis morph packs then there are some good free ones on Share cg and the Evolution morphs from the store here are a good start.

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    Cool. I bought Zev0's Shape Shift Bundle for Genesis/Genesis2 a while ago and applied that. That stuff shows up under "Actor", but still no nipple controls.

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    These are the Evolution Morphs scorpio64dragon refers to, and they do have various breast controls included:


    Also this is not much more and gives a few bonuses:

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    Sweet. Thanks. I applied a character to Stephanie and received the following "missing files" error. It shows that it's the Evolution morphs I'm missing.

    I think I'll wait a few days before I pick it up so that I can apply my week 3 $6 coupon to it.

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