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I've imported the "black face" model to experiment with for creating an alien. I've pulled the head into a different shape and am getting a bit of a feel for the tools, but one thing I'm puzzled with is painting/changing the color.

I found the paint brush under UV & Paint and I've selected a new color, but when I go to paint I get a red circle with a big blue dot on one side, and a red circle on the other (symmetry). But despite clicking here, there, and everywhere, nothing seems to happen. I'm obviously missing something (lol).


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    In the materials tab you need to add a texture

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    There are a couple of good tutorials on the paint tools on this page. Scroll down towards the bottom, its in 2 parts.

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    That model is not UV mapped - essential for painting.

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    Okay, I found the materials tab and am having some fun with colors.

    And thanks for point out about the UV mapping and why the painting wasn't working for me.

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