Luxus - Luxrender Materials Extra settings

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The new version:

-> Projection Lights now work.
-> Render Settings now save and load with the file according to the preferences set in DAZ Studio
-> Added option to override the Light Group name
-> Strength texture maps no longer get gamma corrected. This fixes the hair too transparent problem.
-> Collect textures now allows the user to choose the format. In windows, LuxRender is having problems with some tiffs. The default is now png.
-> LuxRender Material Extra Settings now has an editor called “Luxus Extra Script Edit” that by default will show up in the Surfaces Option Pane.
-> The Extra Settings Fields now allows javascript scripting in a eval { } block. A Lux object exists in that context.See s few examples below.

Get started with:
eval { Lux.addEvalLine(“I wrote to the lxs file”); }

Other Functions include:
Lux.getValue(“Diffuse Color”);
Lux.getMap(“Diffuse Color”);

Javascript read function are available such as include, so the following can be done to use a lbm2 file
var v = include(”/data/CJ/AlienEgg.lbm2”);
Lux.writeValue( v );

Where can I find more information about Luxrender Materials Extra Settings?
Are There tutorials? how to use the javascript console, eval code, the path of the files lbm2, files lbm and/or lbm2...

Thanks for all!!!


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