Josie- Afternoon Heat Product- Does It Have Duplicate Files? (Also Boardwalk)

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I bought the Pro Bundle and Afternoon Heat for manual installation seems to have double files. There are two Poser CFs (which I dont need) and two 24.78 files for DS

EDIT: Boardwalk is the same thing, so must be errors. Double everything.

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  • NovicaNovica Posts: 18,480
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    And the Lisa Texture- they aren't labeled. Different sized files so assuming need both for the manual download?

  • Carl FisherCarl Fisher Posts: 132
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    The duplicate files should drop off in about 30 minutes. (The ones with the "forGenesis2Females" are the ones you don't want. Files were moved at the last minute for consistency.)
    The Lisa Texture file name should be updated in about 30 minutes also.

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