Enable 3D Bridge for PS How?

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Daz Install manager shows 3D Bridge for Photoshop is installed for both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Photoshop. When I open each and click Automate Daz 3D Bridge they both do launch Daz Studio but it says please enable 3D Bridge in Daz Studio. If I remember correctly when I had it working in DS3 there was a selection under the File drop down (enable 3d Bridge) now I see no such selection anywhere. How do I enable the 3D bridge Camera in Daz Studio?


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    Go to Help > About Installed Plugins > Daz Studio Pro Plug-in Bundle > 3D Bridge. Highlight it. Is it Green and pointing to the correct spot in the lower window.

    Also be sure all bit versions match. All 3 have to be either 32bit or 64bit. You can't, for instance, install 64bit bridge on 32bit DS.

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    Found the problem. In about installed plugins clicked on ds3dbridge and found plugin failed to install but then noticed at the bottom a line stating "Reason- plugin was designed for newer version of Daz Studio. In Daz Install Manager I saw I had updates available for DS when I updated and opened the new version of DS there it was installed and working. Thanks for the heads up.

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