No ambient value for lights?

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In every 3d modeling program I've ever used, there were at least three light types: diffuse, specular, and ambient. However, although I've found several tutorials on how to add even lighting for a scene (3-point lights and all), I'm wondering why there is no ambient light or an ambient value for any of the existing lights. (Ambient light being an even, omnidirectional light source that provides every polygon with at least a minimum amount of lighting value, for those who may not be familiar.)

Am I missing something? Is there a hidden control somewhere that is disabled by default? A setting outside the of the normal "parameters" tab? Adding multiple distant light still tends to give a somewhat uneven lighting level and adds to render time, which is why I'm trying to avoid it for now.



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    You'd use something like the UE2 sphere for ambient.

    Content Library > Daz Studio Format > Library > Light Presets > Omnifreaker > Uberenvironment.

    Double click the !Uberenvironment2 Help icon for the how-to.

    It's not as accurate as it could/should be though. Take a look here:

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    Note that there are quality vs. speed settings when using the UberEnvironment. You will probably want to start out with low quality just to see the effects of the lighting, but then when you get a rough idea, adjust the settings to get rid of the grainy spots that will show up in the shadows using lower quality settings, although this will increase render times.

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    There is an ambiant value and color for every surface shader that I've seen for DS It adds a fixed color to the surface and that can be different for every surface. That is more controlable than an ambiant light for the whole scene

    As Vaskania said, you can also use Uberenvironement in Ambiant mode and it will give you a constant ambiant light

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