How do you export visemes (mouth shape morphs) in Daz studio 4.6?

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I'm attempting to export a Daz Character, V6 or V4.2 with the visemes (mouth shape morphs) and can't see where I would do that in Daz. Are there specific edit morph rules to enter. Example head.CTRLMouth AO or something like that? If so what are the rules for the mouth shapes? I would like to import the characters eventually into Motion Builder, however whenever I opened up the characters in Motion Builder, the mouth shapes are not there under the shapes list. Can anyone assist me with this please?


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    Let me have a look...

    Try: save as=>Pose preset
    Then you can tick off which part of the body's preset you want to save, so you should tick the head or mouth.

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    while I do not have motionbuilder I know for viseme info to be exported in FBX it needs to be animated or "baked" along the timeline from regulary using iClone and the brief 30 day trial of 3dsMax where I also got fully facially animated figures in.

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    Thx for the replies. I now see the mouth shape morphs in the export window after saving the Daz character as a Pose preset. However,now when I attempt to open the fbx file in Motion Builder, the software crashes. Any suggestions?

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    Sorry, I have 0 experience with that software...

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    don't know if this u-tube might help I dont use DAZ characters in MB but the the linked video helped me understand a lot about the facial morphs in MB

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    Yeah, I've actually reviewed that youtube video in my pursuit for an answer. My problem is my Motionbuilder crashes whenever I attempt to import in the fbx files created in Daz with the face morphs. Face morphs such as, head.PHMMoutOpen and head.PHMLipsPart show up with a Yes in the Export column but after the file is exported and I attempt to open it in Motion Builder, the application crashes.

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    Did you find the answer to this yet? If not, I have the solution.

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    In case people still have trouble exporting the DAZ face morphs, here are a couple of videos that show two ways to export from DAZ: (Head and Arms > Export) (Anything > Export)

    The first one worked for me to get my morphs into MotionBuilder. The other one didn't work for me.

    Speaking of MotionBuilder, I managed to get the face morphs in, and wrestled them into submission so that the mocap I imported will animate the face. Not an easy task! I'm planning to write a tutorial, after I finish this project.

    BUT, I haven't figured out how to hook up the head movement to the mocap data. I'm sure this is simple for a Mobu (MotionBuilder) guru, but I'm a novice Mobu user.

    Does anyone know how to get both the head movement and face morphs controlled by the mocap rig in MotionBuilder?


  • For anyone with morphs crashing their 3d package when importing from DAZ

    Please note that if your 3D software (in my case C4D and Mobu) is crashing when exporting the DAZ morphs, (and everything else is done properly: highlight root and head - export - check Animation and Morphs - Inside morphs panel add "head.CTRL" and change "bake" to "export"), then chose FBX 2006 binary. You will not get any crashes with this.

  • Glenn, for all I know all you have to do to drive your head and neck movement from Faceshift to MoBu, is simpley create Vector relations nodes for translation and rotation (through relation constraints) for the similar joints, which in this case are the head and neck.

    Hope that helps


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