Is there a quick render mode for 3D Bridge to PS?

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Hi All,

OK, I must preface this with I am a DAZ noob, and particularly brand new to the rendering process.
So working with 3D Bridge to PS now, and have been using the quick update, along with Studio 4's 'Spot Render' feature. Still kind of hard to tell what the final output will actually look like, from Studio's 'preview update' in PS, in relation to my PS background image.

Is there a way to see a 'quick render' using the 'Render to Layer' command in PS?

Basically, right now, even with a figure with no clothes, no hair and no lights, it's taking a really long time to Render to Layer. I'm on a i7 core iMac, with 16 gb of RAM. So I've got speed. In reading the forums here, I see render times can take a really long time, but I've got next to nothing in the scene thus far. Only an unclothed V5 character for testing.
Hoping I might have a setting wrong on the render output tab.

As a reference. I have the above character set up as described. I selected the 'Render to Layer' command in PS. It's currently been going for 15 minutes and is only 35% done. V5 is about 1200 px tall in the scene, if that helps.


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