When surfaces collide

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I would like to learn more about how the (mostly human) body reacts in certain ways that we all take for granted.

1. Contact with self:

A lady seated, with her hand on her bare leg. The skin of her leg should depress slightly.
A man with arms crossed. The muscles in his arms should deform slightly as they would in a real person.
A lady with arms crossed. Arms and breasts should deform in an appropriate way.

2. Contact with something hard:

A person sitting on a bench or stool. Their hamstring and glute muscles should deform slightly.

3. Contact with something soft:
A model sitting on a soft surface such as a couch or bed. Surface should depress.
A person holding a small animal, furry or not. The animal too. :lol:

4. Effects of gravity:
No questions about this just yet; just an observation: Earlier today I saw some products in the store such as belly and glute control, as well as breast morphs, and a very intriguing line of gravity morph products. There is so much to learn. My eye knows and recognizes a lot of these things already, but they just don't register in the conscious mind. It's part of being alive, yes? :coolsmile:

5. Collision with self:
Another observation here: It's very difficult to pose a figure without having a hand or foot pass through something such as the floor, the model's own spleen, etcetera. Just a challenge to do.


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    You either Add those yourself with Deformers or you test the Collision between TWO items. By two items I mean two different items, the Fingers of a figure can not collide with the figure they are on but the fingers of a second figure could.

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    Hi and thank you for responding.

    I think I am not quite sure what you mean when you say "can collide" and "cannot collide".

    Does "can collide" mean that the object would pass through or that it would "stop and cause depression"?

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    There is NO it will not Pass through in DAZ 3D except for Dynamic items used properly. DAZ Studio does not have built in FULL collision surface Physics. It does have A Collision setting that can be used as long as Items are set up to Collide properly. Most NEW clothing items have collision turned on and you can see the way that works by setting Parameters to SHOW HIDDEN and looking. That setting can be added to most items in DAZ Studio now.

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    Oh, that's good to know, thank you. I'll need to set aside a day to learn collision!

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