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When looking to buy items offered in the PC Mega Pack promotion, I often see a list of required products at the beginning of the product description.

Sometimes there are 4 or 5 required products listed. I can't figure out which required products are actually required for what I already have. Is it possible that I would need all of them, or only some of them?

For example, I was looking at a Blue Dream dress by Karanta, and the list of required products is pretty big!

Required Products:
Hooded Cloak for the Girl ,
V4 Hooded Cloak ,
Girl Morphing Fantasy Dress ,
A3 Morphing Fantasy Dress ,
V4 Morphing Fantasy Dress ,
V3 Hooded Cloak One

I am just getting started with Daz3D. I only have V4 plus a few add-ons for her. Do I really need all of these for the item to fit properly?

For example, I do have V4 Morphing Fantasy Dress. But I don't even have the A model or the Girl model. Why would I need A3 Morphing Fantasy Dress, or the V3 Hooded Cloak One?

Hate to buy stuff I won't be able to use...

Can anyone shed any light , please?




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    To get full use from that set you need at least one Morphing Fantasy Dress (and not the Stephanie Petite version as that has a different mapping, unless it's on the list) and one Hooded Cloak. If you have only one of the items then you will still be able to use the textures for that, but not those for the other item - usually that doesn't matter, but occasionally you may run into something where items are partially hidden to blend together and look wrong used alone (not that i can think of an example off-hand). With hair you may see a long list of figures - again, that means the hair will work with any of the figures out of the box, you don't need all of them.

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    As you have the mega pack, which includes the V4 MFD and the unimesh fits for it which means it will also fit A4, S4 and G4, you are most of the way there really. Only extra thing you need is the Cloak for V4.

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    @dhmohr - the PC Mega Pack should be FREE for you since you're a PC Member, so grab the bundle and keep your eyes peeled for the required products when they go on a 99 cent sale, or maybe they will pop up in low cost bundle or maybe even free??!

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    Thanks for the replies, all.

    Yes, I did grab the PC Mega Pack. Lots of good stuff in there!

    What I was really asking is for a way to figure out, not specifically for that Blue Dress item, but in general for anything that has a lot of required products listed.

    Richard's answer is helpful. (" With hair you may see a long list of figures - again, that means the hair will work with any of the figures out of the box, you don’t need all of them.")

    I suppose it may mean that there's no easy answer for all situations. I will just have to get a feel for what is required.

    Thanks again, all!


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    One way to keep it simple, is when you see something for the same generation (meaning Generation 4 would be Victoria 4, Aiko 4, Stephanie 4) then it simply is telling you that it works for that generation, not that you have to HAVE all the gals or men from that generation. Just look for the different PIECES, as mentioned above- not the characters if there are several from the same generation. So a dress and a cloak would be obvious, as they are different pieces of clothing, and textures can't be applied to pieces that are bought. :)

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    Actually with the MFD, and the Hooded Cloak all versions of these do use the same textures, with the one exception being the MFD for Steph Petite, which is mapped uniquely.

    This is why texture sets for these articles tend to give all the diff generation figures,

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