Duplicate ID?

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Hi there.

I just installed the latest release candidate for DS 4.5. I did a straight install over my previous DS4 installation. I also just started using Genesis. Everything seemed fine. However, when I load 4.5, I now get warnings about 'Duplicate IDs.' This happens when I load the program, when I try to load some figures, and at other times. I also wasn't able to open the brand new Genesis V5 scene I had just saved with DS4. The figure loaded, but was horribly distorted. I was able to load up a new figure and save it, but I am still getting those duplicate ID warnings.

Any ideas?


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    Are you sure the error on load is Duplicate IDs and not Duplicate formulas? The latter is fixed by updating some of the morph sets -see the FAQ. As for the IDs error, that can be fixed with a free script (see list of free scripts, in my signaure) or by downloading the updated version of the affected files (most DAZ content has been updated).

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    Reset and reinstall your Genesis content. There were lots of "errors" that the previous DS4 versions ignored that aren't ignored by 4.5.

    The distortions of previously saved Genesis figures are a PITA, but hopefully it'll be resolved in the next RC.


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    I'll take a look at all of that later today and see if any of it fixes the issue, sounds like it will. Thanks for very!

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