Can't Load Amras for the Elven Dress

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Hello, I'm having trouble loading the Amras for the Elven Dress. I have to the Elven dress but Amras doesn't show up in the products menu. I did find the Amras items in the right side menu but they won't load.

One thing I noticed when I downloaded the files is that I have an "Amras - 14256_Amras_1.0_ds.exe - pc" and a "Amras - 14256_AmrasReality_1.0_gc.exe - pc". When I tried to download the AmrasReality it asks for an installation path. What is this? I just told it to go to my library. So I assume I'm doing something wrong here, but all of my other downloads have worked fine, and this is the first time I've seen the request for the installation path. Can anyone help? Thank you



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    You need to load the Elven Dress first, make sure it's selected, and then apply Amras to it.

    The AmrasReality installer is for use with Reality -- do you have Reality installed?

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    I know what I did now, I was trying to add the male cloak textures to the female dress. I'm still new to this, many thanks!

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