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Hexagon Tutorial List

hiker_1hiker_1 Posts: 0
edited April 2015 in Hexagon Discussion

Looks like we lost this in the new forum software, so let's get this list going again. Maybe a mod could sticky this?? If EZ and CG Creams don't come around, I have many of their links as well, I just have to dig them out.

Johnny Bevo, get in here! (Johnny has some great tutes)

Geek at play has some great tutes, around 100 of them at last count

Here is a great one I found on YouTube on modeling a human hand.

Here is the list of tutes at DAZ Artzone

Below are others that have been added, just to keep the links in one place:
CGDreams tutorials here:
EZBrush also here:

Box Model a Car in HEXAGON:

Here is a link to to my [Johnny Bevo] video tutorials on youtube

Here you can find my (CGDreams) tutorials from my site, and youtube.

Kozaburo’s Hair Tutorial

Just found this page with a few tutorials on it for Hexagon. Haven’t seen it posted here, so thought I’d add it to the list.

New video tut cut a hole in a high poly mesh.

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