hu "potential bug"? careful with the abort button!

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The problem would be if/for/when working on an already finished item, such as a pair of purchased boots, trying to make morphs or something.

I was playing around with the uvmap [potentially to one day try making some options] and when I hit the 'abort' button, instead of everything reverting to "as it imported", it MOVED the uvmap islands over quite a bit.

The boots were the ones that came in the recent PC jeans/shirt/shoes/boot set for both Genesis 1 and 2 females. I was working with the pair for G1. Was using the uv smoothing tool on the uvmap. Hitting abort, it shouldn't have done all what it did!


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    validate first then com or option z to revert

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    Will take note of that ... however this was the first time I encountered this "burp" in the program. For the item I was working with, it was repeatable. Has never done that with my other items. And I checked the $item, it is good. Same uvmap in every program I ran it through. So I don't think Hexagon should have moved everything over the way it did. At any rate, just another little item to be mindful of when using the program. If Hexie can, Hexie will ...

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