What is a good androgynous texture for Genesis?

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What is a good androgynous texture for Genesis? I have a character who is both male and female. this character is fair skinned. I would like to be able to edit the eyebrows and eyelashes as s/he has naturally purple hair. (hey aliens can have natural purple hair)

I want to use Genesis as I think that is best way to blend male and female perfectly together. I do have lots of the DO V4 and M4 textures from Daz, but they are not all installed at this point.

I also have bought quite a few stuff at Renderosity over the years. I also think I am currently a prime member so I could get some prime items in July.

Also free for commercial renders is good too.

Thank you for any help.


  • Scott LivingstonScott Livingston Posts: 4,274
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    I'm probably way too new at this to offer any useful advice on this subject, but here are some ideas anyway:

    1. Do you have any K4 textures? You can use them on Genesis, and they might fit the bill.
    2. M4 Elite Jeremy. I remember seeing a great image of V5 with this skin, by JC Soto, I think. I believe you can find it in the old forum's Victoria 5 Render Thread, if you're curious.
    3. V5 Elite Valerie. This was used in some of the preview images of Michael 5, as I recall.
    4. Tamesis, either the Modern Muses version, or the Otherworldly Wonders version. Tamesis is my go-to texture for all sorts of purposes
    5. V5 Elite Bree, mainly because there's a no-brow version.
    6. Enticing Ladies, mainly because it's cheap for PC members, and I think I've seen it used on guys.

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