GoZ Errors.

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I just installed GoZ for DS Pro and it's giving me errors when I try to send something to Zbrush.

I open DS with the default genesis model, click Send to Zbrush, Zbrush opens and then I get these errors:

Unable to Open File


Error encountered while importing a file

INTERNAL ERROR .\AFile.cpp Line:741
Unable to open/Create a

I'm running Win7-64 with the 64 bit versions of DS4 and GoZ, and Zbrush 4R3.
I've tried updating to the latest versions of DS and GoZ, and full uninstall/reinstall of both.

Anybody else encounter this or have any insight?


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    I got a similar error. I had to uninstall zbrush, uninstall GoZ, re-install Zbrush then re-install GoZ. It fixed the problem for me. I have windows 7 64 bit pro and 4r6. Good luck! it was kind of a nuclear option but it worked for me.

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