Generation 3 UVmaps for Genesis

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Didn't we get V3, M3, A3, H3 and The Freak UV maps for Genesis when we bought the package "Gen 3 Iconic Shapes for Genesis [14206]"?

I finally got around tinkering with it and the only UV maps I have for Genesis are:
Genesis Male & Female, V4, M4, The Kids 4, V5, M5, Nata, Hitomi and the Gorilla.

I tried to reset the downloads and downloaded the package again but the file sizes are exactly the same as the ones I got already.


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    No we did not. There are significant differences in the texture layout for Gen3 then Gen4 and beyond. You pretty much have to have Texture Converter or another app to convert them to a gen4 style first.

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    They could at least have been upfront with that information! >:(

    As the information about the product is written it seems like they took great care NOT to hint anything about the need to convert old textures while being complexity correct about the fact that it is the shapes that are converted...

    "Mix and match these iconic generation 3 shapes with your generation 4 or 5 shapes and get creative."

    Good thing that I found out before I bought any more V3 characters, super savings tastes bad when one have to shell out another $34.90 to be able to convert the textures (with possible degradation in the process).

    On the positive side, instead of buying old stuff lurking in the store one can get creative and create the morphs and textures by oneself. :-P

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