Textures for Billy T's Denim Mini outfit

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I created these textures for the Denim Mini by Billy-T over at the RMP. They were rejected for sale, so I figured I'd give them away for free! No point in doing all that work for nothing, lol. While the textures were created for She Who Shall Not Be Named (in the Daz forums) I've been told the textures are universal to ALL of Billy-T's versions of the Denim Mini, including V3 and V4.

Denim Mini outfits (commercial) can be found here:
V3: http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/v3-denim-mini-set/47717
V4: http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/v4-denim-mini-set-/57541


800 x 1000 - 161K
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    Very nice! I don't see why they wouldn't sell!!!

    PS: Thank you!!

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    Very nice looking texture set, sorry to hear they didn't want it.
    Shame I don't have the outfit, but then again I've not purchased anything from Rendo.

    PS. Thanks for posting as a freebie anyway.

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    Hi Princess Karibou!   Forgive my doddering old ways, I haven't posted a comment yet on this.  Very nice texture set!  One of the few expansion sets for this nice little outfit by Billy-T.  The only reason I can see for the sets rejection is the lack of popularity for Billy-T's items in the Rendo store.  When I first got into the DS/Poser stuff, I bought a bunch of his stuff, for TY2 first, then A3, and when she came out, V4.  SOME folks over at Rendo really truly actually believe in (and actively contribute TO) the demise of all 'early' human Figures, such as TY2, Gen3 and Gen4.    Thanks Karibou for the very nice set!  I, for one, "believe in" the continuation of ALL useful character Figures.  I enjoy what I will.  Not what others will me to.  :o) 


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