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NearMe -  Hair Color for Free Hair-S by sione - downloaded, but…..
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I have scoured the net for Sione’s Free Hair S base,(for NearMe)  but this is the only site I could see it at

It’s in Japanese and MS translator sucked at translating the site, so I have NO idea if a download link is avaiable, or the site is abandoned, the product is no longer available or what….

Anyone have any info on this?

Any help will be appreciated! ohh


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Clicking on the image of the hair provides the download link:

Unfortunately, it seems the file is no longer available.


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The page’s Japanese text is pretty much the same as it is in English—this is what Google Translate gave me:

Fairy outfit.

Is a set of T-shirts and shorts skirt.

Mermaid-style dress.
I put a pause add color to the lower body.
Please do move the legs aligned.

Fairy dress.
Fairy ear morph foot ribbon of hair ribbon of hair (with wings) contains the dress.

Halloween is a set of dress and hat.
Please adjust the skirt from posing skirt is so not linked to the feet.

Is the hair.
Morph that contains, please see here.


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