daz crashing on me (was working before)

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A few days ago, I was working on trying to get a skull cap made...Hexagon was working fine

Now...it's giving me issues. I sent over Genesis and some resource clothes for the model, and as soon as I do any thing, the thing crashes on me

And it isn't my computer specs

It has to be the program


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    Hexagon seems to work fine when I use the primavtes

    BUT, I"m having an issue when bringing Genesis in

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    I have not come across this problem so hopefully someone else will jump in and give you a solution.

    A few suggestions though, have you tried saving Genesis (or other character) as an OBJ and importing that rather than using the bridge option.

    Also you could try Resetting your Preferences to Default, a bit of a pain but it does solve most issues for me.

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    It will still lag up to the point of crashing.

    It seems like...in general for me, Hexagon straight up can't handle hi-poly figures without having issues

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    Before sending over the bridge, be sure that Genesis is set to base resolution.

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    That's a little better, but I can still tell how hexagon doesn't like to handle hi-poly models

    At least it doesn't crash with me just by clicking on an action

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    Actually, Hex can handle pretty high poly models - I regularly make models which consist of over 100 meshes and many thousands of polys with no problem. Genesis in base form is, what, 21K - something like that? No problem at all and I'm on a Win32 XP Home, single core, 4Gg RAM DDR.

    What sort of machine specs do you have?

    Where I'm having a problem and I'm surprised no-one has mentioned this, the bridge doesn't work for me with Genesis 2 - either simply doesn't open or, if it does, is so laggy that it is pointless trying to do anything. Works over fine as an .obj, so it'snot the poly count - has to be something else.

    I'm at last getting a new machine today with some really good specs, so will see how that goes.

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    My computer is a high end gaming computer, that's all you need to know. It can handle any graphic program on the market. And my computer is about 6 months old

    it is NOT my computer, it is Hexagon with the issue

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    My apologies - just trying to help - wont happen again, I assure you!

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    I also work with large poly files in Hexagon with no problems.

    As I swap the files between ZBrush and Hexagon the poly counts are sometimes very high indeed and I only use the maximum quality available from Daz Studio for the Genesis figures so Hexagon can definitely cope. Don't know why your computer seems to be having problems.

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