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Greetings. Im hoping someone else has perhaps experienced this issue and can provide some guidance. I have been attempting to use the fitting room in PP 2014 to adapt older clothes to the new genesis characters (young teen specifically). I have followed the tutorial, and (while in the fitting room) get decent results, and clothing that appears to have adapted well to the new figure.

However, when I create a new figure from that adapted clothing, and return to the pose room, the clothing becomes "invisible", meaning I can see only the outline of the clothing, and If I render, I see nothing, as if there were no clothing.

If I "spawn a prop" vs create a figure from the fitting room, the prop spawns just fine, however, there are limitations in a prop vs a figure, so Id really rather create a new figure vs a prop.

To test the issue further, I tried the same exercise with Laura YT instead of genesis, and everything worked just fine.


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    Have you checked the Normals options? The new figure may have been flipped. Hoever, that should still render the back/inside, unless PP14 handles that differently.

    I haven't done much with the FR than experiments, myself, but this seems like an old Poser problem I've encountered.

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    Try setting the cloth to unimesh. Figure > Skinning Method

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    Skinning method solved the "invisibility" issue, so thank you! Unfortunately, fitting is off on y-axis by an inch or so when the clothing is conformed. I submitted a support ticket to Daz and they essentially said its Posers fault, and that Smith Micro needs to fix compatibility issues with DSON. A pretty lame answer, however, my work around is to fit the clothes in Daz studio, then export to Poser. Its a pain, but it works....

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