Hex for OSX 10.6 or higher?

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Can anyone elaborate on when we might see an update for the newer Mac operating systems?
It has been a long time!

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    I don't think you'll see an updated version of Hex. Its been 7 years since 2.5 was released.

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    The latest Version of Hexagon you can download from the Daz website IS an updated version and it works beautifully on my Mac running OSX10.8.

    It's far more stable now than it ever was previously.

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    Just to clarify.
    The version of Hexagon I have running on my OS10.8 Mac is Hexagon It was a free download last year. It's a Universal Binary version so it runs on PowerPC and Intel Macs. I assume that this is the version that Daz are now selling.

    I don't know why their website only mentions Mac OS up to 10.6 so you would need to check with them.

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    I am running Hexagon on the latest OS X Mavericks preview (10.9) and it seems a tad more stable than on 10.8.4.

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    I'm having good stability on my new iMac running 10.8, but I can't seem to open a file made in the same version of Hex, that was created on my old PowerMac running 10.5. So annoying.

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    Try moving the file you want to open to the desk top or the daz/hexagon folder. Im on a macpro and i cant save files to anywhere but the daz/hexagon folder or the desk top. just a thought. when i do save other places it save as a empty folder

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    The only answer I could find to opening old files in the new Hexagon was opening and exporting as .obj files from the version I had at work on an old Mac. I could then import the .obj files into the new version at home. Obviously this method only works if you have access to both versions of Hexagon to do the conversion.

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    Why the hell didn't I think of that work flow. Do not worry we have the same problems in Windows, with older files from differing versions of Hex . Not just a Mac problem. :-)

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    I unzip the package to the desktop and can't get the program to install on my Moutain Lion system. If this is a universal binary what am I doing wrong?

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    Are you actually seeing the file "Hexagon.app" after you unzip the file?

    Have you set the Mac's System Preferences to allow downloads to launch?

    System Preferences:
    Security & Privacy:
    "Allow applications downloaded from" "Anywhere"

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    ya, Hexagon.app and I have already set allow applications downloaded from anywhere. I try opening Hexagon.app and nothing happens no error messages nothing

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    Very puzzling... On my Mac the Hexagon Application is 90.4 MB. It might be worth checking what it is on yours in case something has gone wrong with the unzipping.

    If Hexagon is in your Application Folder then drag it to the Desktop and see if it will run from there.

    I've got Hexagon running on three different Macs all with different versions of OSX and under Mountain Lion it's the most stable. If I do have any problems, trashing the Preferences is usually the answer but if it has never launched I don't suppose it's generated any.

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    James.ez said:
    ya, Hexagon.app and I have already set allow applications downloaded from anywhere. I try opening Hexagon.app and nothing happens no error messages nothing

    try opening the console log before you launch it and see if it gives back any usable information.
    in 10.8 it should be in the magnifying glass, type "console" in the white space
    or go do Macintosh HD:Applications:Utilities:Console

    you can clear the log just before you click on the hex icon and get a clearer picture of whats happening.

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    Any one tried Hex with Mavericks MacOsX?

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