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New Readme Files in the Documentation center
Posted: 26 June 2012 05:53 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Sorry - I can’t answer in the thread, because it is locked.
Who do I tell about errors on that page?

I doubt that “Dainties for Boudior Bliss” is what is meant ... I think Boudoir is correct.

Ksenia for V4 is missing the product page link:

The fun thing is looking at the teasers! GIS for Genesis male ... smile

And please, could the name of the creator be added? It is definitely something I am expecting in a Readme!


I like Bryce, DazStudio, Poser and Vue ... in alphabetical order. And I would probably like Carrara too, if I could find the time to become acquainted with it. Peace?
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