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Hey, with Bryce can I add fog or rain effects into Daz Studio 4.6?


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    DS cannot render atmospherics as far as I know. Do it the other way around. Get the objects into Bryce and render there.

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    @Horo: What about Carrara? Can I use my Poser animated figures in Carrara in order to add atmospheric effects?

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    There are products in the store that help you to do some atmospherics in DS, like this one or add ons like this one (which effectively is single sided planes placed in the scene with a mat and alpha)

    Carrara, it would be better to ask in the Carrara forum.

    However as Horo says, the easiest way is to use your DS figures in Bryce environments rather than the other way round.

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    While you can't use Bryce to send a fog object to Daz Studio to interact with other objects in your DS scene, depending on your scene you might be able to render the background including the fog in Bryce and use it as a backdrop image in DS. That might work if your foreground was outside the range of the fog, for instance distant foggy hills or haze, or a scene looking out a window at fog.

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    In DS 4.6 you actually use the shader mixer to make a special camera with a fog or other kind of atmospheric node attatched to it. You´d be better off asking in the Studio forum about that. I´ve seen fantastic renders of that. BUt its very slow and you need a good computer for it really.

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    @dyret: Thank you! I will try to play around with that option. Huzzah!

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