preparing object for use with DAZ shaders

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I am new to Hexagon, just learning and trying. So please allow me one more question:

I have read about UV mapping and its importance when using textures on objects. But what if do not use textures, but using some DAZ shaders on it (like the very good SuperSuit shaders or HardcoreUtility Shaders).

Which steps are needed then? Do I have to UV map the object anyways, but teave the UV map empty?


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    The UV map is a mapping between a flat surface of an image, and the not-flat surface of your object. Most shaders do rely on images even when they don't look like they do - some of the hardcore utility shaders have image maps. Basically to work well with shaders you need to create a UV map that works well with tiling textures - take a "uv tester" checkerboard (google and you will find several) and apply it to your object, then tell it to tile 4x or more. If it gets weird obvious seams all over, it's not a good UV map for shaders.

    If your model is complicated, get comfortable with the process first by taking a cylinder and mapping that, and seeing what happens when you change the tiling. Look at the flat UV map and you will start to be able to conceptualize how UV mapping works. Good luck! :)

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    UV mapping is not really hard when you get used to it. I just thought I could sometimes skip some steps. But I understand what you mean. Thanks for the answer.

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