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Increase/Decrease fidelity-Carrara7
Posted: 25 June 2012 11:09 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Is it possible to increase/decrease the fidelity without using the +/- keys? I am currently using a laptop that does not have a separate number pad. The basic +/- keys have no affect in the program.

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Hi VolcanicMink
Welcome smile

Have you tried hitting the “Num Lock” key.
That should enable the laptop to use the numbers and +/-

There are also external numeric pads you can buy for laptops, ..(usually wireless)
if that’s not an option,. then it looks like your stuck with using the mouse/ touch-pad on your laptop.

Hope it helps

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Thank you. My 10-key died several months ago and I’ve not yet replaced it. Is there actually a way to modify fidelity with the touchpad?

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I do not use Carrara so this is just a shot in the dark.

Keyboard Shortcuts, assign that funtion/s to what you want. I’m just trying to help. This might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever said…


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I presume this is when you drag a basic object from the menu bar to the vertex editor?

If so there is an option on the right hand side to set the segmentation level. Type in there and press enter.

Another option is to insert from the ‘Construct’ menu bar. This gives you precise options in a submenu and puts the object at the zero point automatically. Very useful.


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