Help with poser companion files

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Hi all

Can anyone help with this dilemma? I have several genesis items that just will not import via the DSON importer. When I do I get the error

"Exception in RealityDataModel::addObjects: NULL result without error in PyObject_Call" this was for Sensual Lingerie.

I am getting error messages for other items also. I have created poser companion files in DS 4.6 and the files were already in .DUF format.
ITems such as:
Sensual Lingerie,
Future wilderness,
Urban Gear,
CJS Short Stockings (this is one is odd because the CJS Long stockings convert and import fine)

I converted them one after the other using the same method and tried using D3D's DSON loader but they just will not import

Any help would be appreciated.


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