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I would like to get clean up my hard drive. I have a few movies and scenes that I made just to learn the software. What is the best way to get del them. Inside Daz 4.6 or in windows 64bit. If I del the duf file will that del the complete scene?

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    That depends on what content you used - if it was already in DS 4 format then yes, the content will remain until uninstalled but the scene is otherwise self contained; however, if you used imported Poser or other content, or DS3 or earlier content, then there will be files in the \Data\Auto_Adapted folder too that may not be needed by other scenes and that won't be removed by an uninstall.

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    Thank you. It was all in Daz. I did not want the redner or how the props or V4 was posed. But I did want to keep the props and V4.

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