ot..curious question

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Are there ebots out here like at rendo? Can't seem to find them.

Cheers- rosie (erosiaart)


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    Hi Rosie, Nice to see you over here.

    Make sure that you have emails enabled in your Control panel. Click on Control Panel, at the top right of the form screen, under the actual top display bar, you will see

    Your Public Profile
    Your Control Panel

    On the menu on the left in control panel

    Edit Profile
    Edit Signature
    Edit Avatar
    Edit Photo
    Email Settings
    Username and Password
    Edit Preferences
    Localization Settings
    Delete Account

    Click on email settings and make sure that they are all selected.

    Also under the type panel, where you enter your message, make sure that "Notify me via email when someone posts in this thread" is also checked.

    Hope that helps

    BTW if you want to change your forum user name, as the one showing is assigned by default by the Plonky forum software, Send a PM to either Richard Haseltine or adamr001 and they can change it for you. I imagine you wiuld want it changed to your normal screen name. They will need to now your email addy as well to do this, the one you use to sign on with, which is why we say do this by Private Message.


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    Hi Pam,

    So good to see you here! Thanks, I've sent a Pm to them about the name change.. at least I won;t have to keep writing 'aka erosiaart/rosie'! :-)

    I've done what you said about the email settings. I gather then..there is no notification about new posts people put up unless you are subscribed to them either having answered them and ticked the box or having written the post itself or ticking follow post.

    I'll try to get on as much as I can.. I really do miss bryce when I'm not brycing!


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    Had a sudden thought Rosie, it may be that your email is marking the ebots as Spam. there was a time when this was happening with some of mine. I got over it by marking Daz 3D as one of my contacts.

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    Hi Pam...daz is already in my addressbook. and no..no spam. I delete my spam mails every day. That's sad.

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    This is very strange I know there are a few others who say they don't get the DAZ emails , but I don't think they ever got to the bottom of what is causing it.

    Hopefully all will be fixed when we migrate to the new, (and better) forum software, later in the year.

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    It's ok, Pam. .we'll survive..and yes..hopefully when we migrate..it will sort itself out. Then we all can go hooray and breathe a sigh of relief. :-p

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    If you get automatic email responses for a while, then they suddenly stop arriving, but then later after you visit the thread again they start up: I haven't confirmed this, but somebody said it might be because you have to be logged in WHILE visiting the thread for the thread subscription to know that you have actually visited the thread again and to resume watching for a new post to the thread. And you don't stay logged in indefinitely. If so, presumably you would have to actually log in every time you check a thread to keep getting the email.
    Another thing that might be causing you to not getting email could be secret spam filters your email provider has that you may not know about. After realizing that I was not getting some email sometimes, I finally figured out this was happening to me, and eventually found out that in addition to the obvious email spam filtering your local PC's email program (if you have one) uses, and a second spam filter provided on the ISP end of the connection by my ISP that I could also manage that I didn't realize was enabled by default, surprisingly there was a third hidden spam filter also provided by my ISP that you cannot control nor even see, although it was mentioned briefly in passing somewhere buried in the ISP's help page. I don't remember for sure, however I think I ended up having to change my email mail address for the subscription that was getting lost to a different one that was then automatically forwarded to my original email, and that allowed it to slip past the uncontrollable filter. What a pain to find out the hard way, but that got it working.

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    Hi Sean,
    I clicked on that log in for two weeks box as I have this forum as one of my home pages.
    I think the spam filters may have something to do with it..will talk to my email service provider. Normally, I don't have any probs at all.. I tend to hardly get spam..but gmail puts them into the spam folder.. so I can sort out stuff. I use another email address with I've routed thru gmail. Maybe? Lemme try a few things.
    - Rosie

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    lets hope this works..i've changed my email to my gmail.. instead of my ipop email.

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