How & Where does a Mac user install Genesis Manually

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How & Where does a Mac user install Genesis files manually such as V5 and V6 for use in Carrara 8.5 Pro?
Any feedback from Mac users using Genesis in the newly released Carrara 8.5 Pro would be highly appreciated.


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    I've had a lot of issues using Genesis with Carrara when I installed things manually. I tried installing them in folders with my other runtimes organized according to content type and then adding them manually in the Content browser. Sometimes they would work and sometimes they didn't. Morphs would show up sometimes, but not always. So, I decided to use DIM for just my Genesis stuff. It worked great. A couple of things are still missing, but I think it's more of a file incompatibility with Carrara than a runtime issue.

    Recently, I purchased some Genesis poses from that other Rendering place. Since they won't install with DIM I installed them manually. I still haven't got them working. I hope someone else has had better luck.

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    Problem is, it isn't just Genesis stuff. I have older products that I cannot install manually because they either don't have a manual installer (just a folder with files), or an installer that grinds to a halt with "Cannot create a resources folder". So is DAZ forcing us to use DIM-wit or can't they just make a straightforward installer?

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    BrianP21361, JW_Bearcat Thanks for the feedback. I just wish Daz would have a downloadable PDF file with clear information about Genesis in Carrara 8.5, the file structure and where the files should go if one wants to do a manual install. I but stuff from Renderosity and that has to be manually installed.

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