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I've just started on a fairly complex project and it is only now since the release of 8.5 and the way it categorizes libraries that I am realizing just how useless that small area allotted to libraries is....

Why or why isn't it detachable so I can move it to my second monitor and make it large enough to find stuff without having to constantly scroll through libraries.

....unless I've missed something all these years?


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    You are missing something... :D

    Go to your carrara Preferences, and choose the General Preferences (seen in the first picture I'm uploading to here.)

    Select the checkbox to split large screens between two screens.

    Make sure both screens are selected in the multiple monitors near that checkbox (they are on mine, so they are both dark)

    Load your scene.

    View/FullScreen. Your Carrara should now take up both monitors.

    Doubleclick on the top bar of the scene box and drag it into the second monitor (which should only have grey.

    Expand your smart content window to as big as you want it!!!

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    so in the second image (bottom one), the right is what you see on one, and the left is what you see on the other monitor?
    If so... I have to go get another monitor. They should use the same size, Hz, Res and such, right? To please Windows?
    Thanks for showing this. I've never thought I would make use of two - this looks too cool to Not use!

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    Thanks but I keep getting hung on a black screen - think this thread covers it:-

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    They should use the same size, Hz, Res and such, right? To please Windows?

    They don't have to but if you have the choice, why not? It'll be easier to look at.

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