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So Hexagon it is…
Posted: 28 September 2013 10:33 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 16 ]
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I have Hexagon and used it a little bit. Nice software, free Is fun. Anyway, for modeling i use Moi 3d, nurbs modeler. Very easy to use compare to Hex.

Hex could be better with some updates but that never happen.

Hex is the modeling that Carrara need. Daz could do a nice Version 3 but like Bryce, When Daz acquired it, was fixed bugs then stayed at 2.5 for too many years.

If Daz would improve every software they have, it would be great, might even get more people.

because of lack of update I decided to keep hex shelved. If Moi 3d is not enough, I use Cinema 4D Prime. Basic version but does what it need to do., Yes I kept money to at least get a nice piece of software.

But even with that, I use carrara because it offers more for less and Hex could be the same, it is not heavy like the other well known but its cheaper and still can do alot.

Don’t forget, it is how you use the software and not the other way around. Just look at Blender or stuff showing on this web site, Daz. I have seen renders make carrara that are amazing and modeling too.



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