Store gone nuts?

TaozTaoz Posts: 5,319
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Just bought the Carrara 8.5 upgrade the other day. Now I see this item on top of my Product Library:

A PC monthly subscription (I already have an annual subscription)
Links to M3 Tunic pack

Anyone else experienced this?

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  • RenpatsuRenpatsu Posts: 828
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    I am seeing the same thing and I already was a PC member before that time as well. It's not only you.

  • Cayman StudiosCayman Studios Posts: 966
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    Yes, I've checked my Platinum Club details - and there it is: M3 Tunic Pack! So I've downloaded it and installed it. The only trouble is I don't have Michael 3, and it doesn't fit on Genesis too well. So it's coming off again. Maybe it's a secret little gift for PC members which changes periodically. We should check back in a month or so. :lol:

  • ElowanElowan Posts: 388
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    Wow! DAZ 'soon' and now DAZled!

  • VaskaniaVaskania Posts: 5,922
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    I believe it's a remnant of either a renewal or a welcome package.

  • TaozTaoz Posts: 5,319
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    OK, thanks. Guess it doesn't do any harm unless it mess up my current PC subscription in some way.

  • Dream CutterDream Cutter Posts: 1,215
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    My guess this is a drupal based magento system, and somebody created a new view. Its default is to publish the results in a block on all pages. Very easy mistake easy to do.

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