Bryce Masters Series Cloud City: no tutorial files?

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I downloaded and installed the Cloud City tutorial through DIM, but I can't get it to work. The individual objects are all there, as well as the sky and the materials, but I seem to be missing the important bit: the actual tutorial that I've seen referred to in other threads.

I've loaded the scene file but it just shows me a whole load of nothing.

That's what got installed:
/Presets/Content/Masters Series/CloudCityCloudLayer.jpg
/Presets/Content/Masters Series/CloudCitySky.bsk
/Presets/Materials/Master Series/Cloud City.mat
/Presets/Objects/Master Series/Cloud City.obp
/Presets/Scene Files/CloudCity.bmp
/Presets/Scene Files/CloudCity.br5

I installed it in an empty temp folder, and that's really all there was to it.

Should I download the tutorial separately, and if so, where?


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    @Raindrop: I do have the Cloud City tutorial but can't remember whether the 12 tutorial HTML links came with the tutorial or if they were elsewhere. Hope someone can help you better than I did.

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    have you tried downloading the file from the Product Library of your account page? The setup file should include about 36 megabytes of files.

    I can download and install 3197_BryceMastersSeriesCloudCity_1.1_br.exe

    The exe setup file includes the tutorials in HTML format

    The setup program comes with the following folders:
    \scene Files

    Maybe the setup file for the install manager is corrupted? I think you can file a bug report at

    Hope this helps.

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    Hmm, yes, looks like you're right, and the DIM file is corrupted.
    I'll file a bug report... and download it manually in the meantime!

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    found this maybe it will help

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    It looks like Daz 3D fixed the bad zip file; the zip file now includes the tutorial.

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